Which is better, vasectomy or essure?

Either???????????? Lots to consider. Either is a very effective way for bc. If the man were to never want to father a child, then vasectomy. If the mother has issues and wold never want to birth a child, then essure. Speaks for itself. There are things to consider tho regarding who should have the procedure. I have patients who have had both? Contemplate heavily, act judiciously and be well informed.
Depends. Both are great options and both require follow up testing and confirmation before being able to depend on it. Failure rate after both is minuscule. Vas is more uncomfortable recovery and has higher risk of complications of bleeding, but is much less expensive if you are self pay. Recommend you and partner visit gyn and urologist together and discuss.
Vasectomy safer. Vasectomy is safer, cheaper, and more effective than a woman getting her tubes blocked/tied. It will not affect a man's sex drive or ability to ejaculate b/c that's dependent on the prostate/seminal vesicles that aren't affected. It's irreversible; ppl who try have limited success. It takes 3 months to make sure the vasectomy worked and is not 100%, but very very close. No needles/scalpels needed!
Essure. Because the placement of the essure implants is done with a local anesthetic, no incisions and minimal to no down time it would be a better way to go.