Does foot reflexology work?

Relieves some stress. Foot reflexology relaxes the patient, relieving some of his stress, because of the patient's getting a foot massage and getting to interact with a caring person. Stress-related symptoms can improve. The patient feels better because he believes he should feel better (otherwise he quits going to the reflexologist), but there isn't anything else about the "reflexology" that changes any disease state.
Define "work" It certainly feels good to have your feet massaged, so reflexology will make you "feel" better, but there is no proof whatsoever that pressing on a particular area will cure your strep throat or lower your blood sugar.

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Does foot reflexology actually work?

Nice. It's a nice foot massage, but as a way of treating your internal organs... Not so much! Read more...
No. Reflexology is completely bogus. It has no basis in fact whatsoever. Reflexologists have no training in anything medical or anatomical. A reflexologist is either woefully ignorant if he believes that what he does is real, or dishonest if he knows it isn't. Either way, it's claptrap. I love foot massages, but I don't delude myself that they give me anything more than a good feeling. Read more...