I hated to get vaccines when I was a child, what would be the consequences if I don't get my baby vaccinated?

Illness, maybe death. Children who aren't vaccinated are at risk for contracting these preventable diseases, some of which can be fatal. Pertussis, measles, meningitis, and other illnesses can kill, and i've seen fatal cases of these diseases in kids who were not immunized. Despite what you read on the internet, there is no proven association between vaccines and autism. Do your baby a big favor and get her immunized.
Higher risks. People forget that there is no "risk-free" choice. Shots aren't risk free, but the only option is to remain at risk for all the really bad illnesses from which shots can help protect your child. Not that long ago, everyone knew how bad such diseases as tb, polio, mumps, measles, etc. Could be. Many have forgotten since vaccines have been so effective. Shots = low risk. No shots = much higher risk.
Disease, Disability. Without vaccines, a child can catch serious infections, and thus suffer disease, disability, and/or death. Measles causes deafness and brain damage. Polio causes paralysis of the legs. Rubella causes birth defects. Pneumococcus and hemophilus cause meningitis and brain damage. Rotavirus causes diarrhea & dehydration. Hepatitis b causes jaundice and liver failure.
Potentially severe. Infectious diseases of childhood can be very severe, even fatal. Vaccines provide the best protection. Today children still die from diseases like meningitis, pneumonia, and even whooping cough. Even diseases like measles, mumps, and rubella still occur and sometimes cause permanent neurologic damage. Vaccines are safe and well tolerated. What's some minor discomfort compared to those risks?
Brain damage/death. The diseases we protect against with vaccines are very real, very present and very deadly. If you hated shots as a child you can imagine the number of times a kid with a ventricular shunt as a result of hib meningitis gets needles over the rest of his life as they check the shunt in his head regularly.
Horrible Consequence. I did not like shots then and I do not like them now. But-- i liked chicken pox and measles even less. And that does not mention the flu. Over the years I have had patients die from influenza, Hib disease and pneumcoccal infection, all of which are preventable with current vaccines. The pain of injections is trivial with the risk of serious damage from preventable disease. Do not hesitate.
Severe illness. Most of us healthcare providers don't care for getting shots either! however, vaccines help to prevent children from being susceptible to life-threatening complications from both common and uncommon infections. They have helped to minimize death in a large number of children and also reduce the incidence of scary diseases such as meningitis that can leave your baby brain damaged.
Disease. Whooping cough cases are surging in the US because babies aren't getting vaccinated. Whooping cough is a bacterial illness called the "100-day cough" in China. Babies who get whooping cough often die of asphyxia and pneumonia. That's just one of the diseases that the vaccines aimed at babies prevent. So ask yourself: do you want whooping cough or a small, dead, non-mercury containing vaccine?
Potential for death. Not getting vaccinated has the potential for death. I hated eating my veggies when i was a child too... Try finding a pediatrician skilled in hypnosis to make the proceedure more comfortable.