I am contemplating a vegan diet. Where would I find a good food guide?

Books and Web. Here's two books that I often recommend to patients interested in becoming vegan. It's important to transition in a healthy way! Becoming vegan by brenda davis and vesanto melina and also the ultimate vegan guide by erik marcus. There's a great deal more out there, but that's a good start. Also, there are many blogs and websites that can provide good support and creative recipes.
Many sources. There is a lot of good information and bad on the internet. Peer reviewed sources are a start. The nih is a government resource. Pubmed has some. Just know that most physicians and dieticians are not vegan. Dr dean ornish, dr john mcdougall, dr neal barnard are people to look for material from. Good luck.!
Think again. The long term effect of a low fat, vegan diet is malnutrition. Used for a short time (4-6 weeks) a low fat diet can be employed for weight loss. However, the long lerm effects of low fat diets are miserable. A low fat - high carb diet will lead to high Insulin levels, high triglcyerides, low hdl, metabolic syndrome and finally high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Www. Edibolic. Com.