Will a juicing diet hurt a diabetic?

Healthy Lifestyle. Fad diets and some juice diets can be associated with health risks. A healthy lifestyle with a balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins & fats is best. You will be missing out on important nutrients if you only drink juice. Juice may be high in vitamins but is mostly sugar. This much sugar will have an effect on your blood glucose levels & how much Insulin is needed to control it.
Maybe. Diabetics need to limit their sugar and simple carbohydrate consumption. If one is juicing with fruits or other simple carbohydrates, this could be detrimental for a diabetic patient. If one is juicing with complex carbohydrates, such as most vegetables, this is much better. However, as with all things good: moderation.
Likely. I agree with the other drs. Although we do not recommend diabetics cut out sugar altogether, we do recommend a well-balanced diet. If this diet consists of only juice, you'll get almost most of your calories true simple carbohydrates which will definitely drive your blood sugars up and worsen your diabetes control.