Can you tell me the chances of diseases of the heart (heart attack, stroke, blockage etc.) for a man in his forties?

Variable. There are rare problems in children. Most after 45 some in young adults with smoking, diabetes, obesity, bad behavior- Cocaine etc. After that anytime up to 100.

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What are the chances someone having a heart attack or stroke in there 30's?

Rare. Stroke risk is about 1/5000 for those under 45 with most of the risk borne by those with congenital or acquired problems of the heart, blood, or serious inflammatory disease, metabolic disorders, or drug ingestion. If you have none of these your risk is substantially lower.

What can you do to tell the difference in a heart attack & a stroke?

Chest and brain. Heart attack is damage to heart stroke is damage to brain some heart attack patients may be from emboli, or have low cardiac output and also damage brain with hypoxia both have some common risk! Smoking obesity high blood pressure diabetes hyperlipemia prevention is best.
Different. A heart attack is heart damage due to lack of blood to a portion of the heart. A stroke is brain damage because of lack blood flow to a part of the brain.
Heart attack. A stroke is to the brain what a heart attack is to the heart. You could call a stroke a brain attack. They don't clinically look alike because losing brain tissue causes neurologic symptoms and heart attack causes heart symptoms like pain and shortness of breath.

What dose of aspirin reduces the chance of heart attack and or stroke please?

81 mg. Some recommend325 mg daily but likely for most average size folks, 81 mg daily suffices. Early studies used as much as 325 3times daily.

What are my chances of getting blood clots, heart attack or stroke on birth control?

Good question. I'm sure others will answer this but here's my shot: if you're <35 and don't smoke, your chance is very low. It's usually said that you have a higher chance of dying from pregnancy. If you smoke, you shouldn't use bcps. If you're getting close to 40, the odds start shifting. We'll see what the others have to say....
Above average. Depends on many other factors but f generally more risk than person not taking bcps.
Check. The package insert for the rate predicted for your specific pill. Smoking increases risk significantly.
Very low unless. There is a history of disease in the past family history positive age is somewhat influential smoking.

Read on cnn that shingles before age 40 increases your chances of heart attack stroke by 75%. Is that right? How to prevent? I got at age 33...

Doubt it. I would not believe everything that I hear. There are multiple risk factors for strokes and heart attacks.
Prevent in same way. This was not a study designed to prove shingles raises the risk of heart attacks, but rather to show an association and raise the possibility that it does. I suggest simply doing what everyone should do to lower their risk: eat healthy, exercise, don't smoke, and control your weight, BP and cholesterol if needed.