What could cause recurrent flank pain if CT scan is negative for stones and urine test is negative for infection. Dip was positive for blood?

? Hypercalcuria. Negative ct scan has almost definitely ruled kidney tumor, stones or obstruction. Combination of flank pain and blood in the urine could be indicative of hypercalcuria. Xs calcium is present in the urine and calcium crystals can obstruct the kiney nephrons (tiny kidney tubules) and cause pain. 24 hour calcium excretion should be < 300 mg or < 4mg/kg/24 hours.
See your doctor. Recurrent flank pain especially with blood in the urine is definitely cause for concern. You should see your doctor, and perhaps ask for referral to a urologist. It is reasonable to seek further testing to rule out unusual but potentially serious causes such as kidney cancer. If the flow of urine is obstructed for any reason, it can cause urine to back up into the kidney and produce flank pain.

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My wife is 51 and very healthy non smoker. She has had extreme fatigue, blood in urine, localized left flank pain. Ct scan was neg for kidney stones?

Infection or tumor. The most likely reason is infection of the kidney...Your doctor will check the urine and prescribe antibiotics. A less likely reason is a tumor in the kidney or nearby. This may need a urologists help. It could still be a kidney stone that was not seen on the ct, which also needs a urologists help.

Have pain every time I urinate, test negative for infections. I have UTI symptoms, flank pain, history of kidney stones but no blood in urine, help?!

May still be a UTI. Usually, pain on urination (dysuria) is a symptom of a UTI from which the offending bacteria can be grown from the urine. Less commonly dysuria can occur from the irritation of passing a kidney stone alone (i.e. Not a uti). In other situations, the laboratory can't isolate the microbe because it's too difficult to grow in culture (e.g. Chlamydia)- in that case, you may still actually have a uti.

Dr. Found white blood cells in urine under microscope. Dip and culture tests normal. Neg for infection or bac. Ct scan was normal. No stones.?

Several causes. Ok. White cells in your urine indicates your kidneys/ureters or bladder is inflamed. All inflammation does not necessarily mean bacterial infection. Viruses can cause this too. Now. A ct scan. A ct scan will only show "stones" if they are calcium or mineral based. Cholesterol stones will not show up like this. Interstitial cystitis can also be present exactly as you've described.