I have a high cholesterol reading. I am fit in that I exercise 4 times a week. In december my brother had a heart attack. Do I need a statin.?

Yes. Most likely, unless there are reasons that you are unable to take a statin. These medications have been demonstrated to lower the risk for heart attacks. An elevated cholesterol and a family history of coronary heart disease suggest you would benefit from a statin. Keep up the exercise! Follow a proper diet.
Probably. If your cholesterol is high and you have family history of early heart disease, then you may need a statin. However, this usually (not always) can be fixed by diet which is cheaper with no side effects. Cut out most meat from your diet - no red meat, pork, and other fatty meats. Limit egg consumption. Limit dairy consumption. Reduce oil/fat use in cooking. Eat out less often.
High cholesterol. To better guide you, get your cholesterol fractionated which actually counts the types of particle that are bad (sticky and small) vs okay. This helps determine what treatments are best for you. Also getting a lipoprotein a tested. The literature on statins is impressive to help decrease cholesterol and inflammation for both men and women.
Maybe. Remember: activity, diet and exercise might not impact much your cholesterol if it is familiar. The fact your brother had a heart attack adds an additional risk factor. Treatment is guided by your lipid profile as a whole including levels of cholesterol, ldl, hdl. Other factors might be taken in consideration as well.

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32yo, bmi=32, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia & anxiety. My fibro pain/anxiety makes me fear i'll have a heart attack during much needed exercise. Help!?

Stress test. To ease your mind ask your doctor to refer you for a simple treadmill stress test where you can exercise under a controlled environment and determine if you have any cardiac risk.
Get Checked Out. You need a cardiac evaluation, if only for your piece of mind. That should provide useful information to deal with your exercise planning.

Friend died suddenly at age 42 from heart attack. I have high cholesterol and am worried. How can young people just have heart attacks and what risks?

Heart attack. Every persons risk for heart attack is different. Doctor can do cardiovascular risk assessment and identify if anything can be done to reduce risk. Some are modifiable and non modifiable risk factors for heart attack. Please see your doctor.
Heart attack. Atherosclerosis is slowly incremental with developing plaque vulnerable to mechanical disruption triggering a coagulation cascade and vessel occlusion:detailed processes are complex & varied;the end result is muscle damage= "heart attack", can occur at any age & commonest process is based on plaque formation.

If I have high cholesterol and I'm young shouldn't dr order test to see how clogged my arteries are? To prevent heart attack?

Cad. Risk factor management in the setting of asymptotic patients is best prevention. Weight, cholesterol, fitness, screen for diabetes and hypertension. No smoking.

I have high cholesterol, panic disorder and always have heart attack symptoms that end up being panic how can I tell the differencek? Normal echo.

Chest pain. Chest pain and shortness of breath can be symptoms of a heart attack as well as panic disorder. Heart disease can be predicted based on age and risk factors - family history of heart disease before age 55, smoking, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia. Based on your info provided, even with high cholesterol, your risk of heart disease is low. Get treatment for your panic symptoms.
Panic vs. Chest pain. Given your age, myocardial infarction seems unlikely. My guess is you have had an EKG and it was normal and you can not stress too much about having a MI. Panic attacks and MI differ in: MIs are often accompanied by a sensation of intense pressure over the chest, pain radiating to the jaw or shoulder and shortness of breath. Its unlikely that the pain would resolve in 3min.

Age 38, pulse 84 to 98 /min. High cholesterol, 257, high b p. Of 135-90, what are risks of heart attack? Taking Tenormin (atenolol) 25 mg once a day since 5 days?

Elevated. Good that non smoking, but BP and pulse need attention. Cardiac rehab- cardiac conditioning will be helpful weight control as well.
Many Issues-SortOut. From us autopsy studies starting >7 decades ago, arterial ds typically begins age 7, no symptoms for decades because arteries enlarge at plaque location, not shrink. Eventual problems from plaque rupture ; clots. Cholesterol made by every animal cell; not correct issue. Correct issues are lipoprotein concentrations, LDL vs. Hdl, esp. Large HDL which removes fats from cells needing to unload.

Always feel I am having heart attackSob, chest/arm pain. Had lots of ecgs always fine. How will I know when it is a heart attack Have high cholesterol?

See a cardiologist. The determination of the cause of your chest pain cannot be made by EKG alone. Studies show that the EKG is only 25-50% sensitive in the detection of myocardial infarction. If a physician has high suspicion of myocardial infarction, Troponin-I enzymes must be performed. A stress test or nuclear medicine study can be employed. Optimize your diet, cardiovascular risks and exercise with physician.