My seven year old has a headache and fever what should I give him?

Headach & fever. How high is the fever? How severe is the headache? Any neck stiffness? Cough? Runny nose? Ear pain? Tylenol/advil/motrin (children's version, use appropriate dose for age and weight) will help both ha & fever. If there are other symptoms or ha/fever worsen, see fp for further evaluation & treatment. Cool compresses to the forehead may comfort the child, too.
Acetaminophen or Mot. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen is ok but not Aspirin ( acetyl saliciic acid). Take him or discuss it with his pediatrician. Fever and headache could mean anything from cold to meningitis. If there is nuchal (neck) rigidity or pain is an emergency.

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My 7 year old cousin is feeling a headache and fever for 3 day now and my aunt says my cousin is shaking and we dont know what else to do?

Chills vs seizure? Headache and fever for three days warrents definite evaluation by a medical professional. Shaking could be for a variety of reasons If he is alert and looking at you, he may have a "chill" or a "shiver" from the fever. You should be able to stop this movement. If he is having rhythmic shaking movements and unconsious, then it could be a seizure In either case he needs evaluation now. Read more...