What is the cancer marker lab test CEA something?

Colon cancer marker. The cea (carcinoembryonic antigen) test is a colon cancer tumor marker. As with most tumor markers, it is not used as a screening test for colon cancer (in other words, it is not used to find the cancer because of a relatively high false positive rate) but it is used to monitor the cancer once it has been diagnosed. This is particularly useful for treated colon cancer to see if the tumor reoccurs.
Tumor Marker. Cea (carcinoembryonicantigen) is a protein that is found in the bloodstream of some cancer patients, most commonly those originating in the intestinal tract. If the cea level is elevated prior to treatment, it may be a useful surveillance test to check if the cancer has returned.Unfortunately, it may be elevated in non-cancerous conditions as well, so it is not a reliable screening test for cancer.
Tumor marker. Carcinoembryonic antigen , cea , is a tumor secreted used for follow the course , response to treatment of cancers, cea .Is ordered when we are looking for colon , lung, breast, and pancreas cancer, and following treatments .Tumor markers may play an important role in the early detection of some tumors combined with good physical examination.