How many times should my heart beat in a minute? My blood pressure monitor says 63 and it is usually in the 90.

60-100. The normal heart rate is 60-100 and depends on a multitude of factors including emotional state, sensory input, and the amount of exercise at the time.
60-100. 60-100 is "normal". 50-110 is not unusual depending on what you're doing and what medicines you take. There's nothing wrong with 90. A healthy heart changes its rate nearly instantaneously in response to your moment to moment needs.

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I get this wooshing in my right ear that coincides with my heart beat. I only get it when my blood pressure raises. But I've woken up to it twice now?

Non-specific. This may be related to an area of tortuosity in your carotid artery in your neck, or may simply be related to congestion in your ear on that side. Get it checked out.

My mothers heart rate is very fast. Its about 90-110bpm. Even when her blood pressure is normal her heart beat is fast. What could be cause. Age 50?

Increase heart rate. Can be simply due to lack of physical conditioning, obesity, drug induced (to much caffeine), anxiety, hyperthyroidism, etc. I will recommend a good history and physical by a primary care physician.
Rapid heart rate. She may have an arrhythmia, which can be secondary to an underlying cardiac condition, she needs to see a doctor and have an ekg to start.

Why does it feel like my heart beat is in my head like my blood is pumping causing pressure in my head?

Check blood pressure. The first thing to do is have your blood pressure checked. If normal and the feeling persists discuss with your doctor what other conditions might be causing it. Sometimes abnormalities of the blood vessels could cause symptoms like yours.

I have anxiety and OCD about my heart rate and blood pressure. Can your heart beat go so fast you die? Often when I see it higher this the worst fear.

Catch 22. anxiety and stress will elevate the heart rate and blood pressure. Have you gotten your heart and blood pressure checked out by your doc? To allay your worries, why not get a check up to ensure all is ok. Take care, variations in heart rate through the day are common even in healthy ppl.
Yes. If sufficient tachycardia continues over time, it is possible to cause heart failure and eventually die. It would have to be significantly above sinus tachycardia >120 for hours or days. People with paroxysmal atrial tachycardia can have heart rates around 150-250bpm. Atrial flutter around 300bpm. Of course ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation leads to death quickly within minutes.

I'm a 38 yr old male that recently started feeling my heart beat in my chest and ringing in my ear. My blood pressure is normal. What could it be?

MD evaluation. It can be a variety of things including anxiety, increased thyroid hormone level, or irregularities of the heart. A physician should evaluate you with more questioning, blood tests, and an EKG.