What should I do if my baby put a bead up her nose?

Remove it if you can. If you can see and grasp the bead, remove it, if you cannot see it or remove it then see your physician who can look inside and often grasp it with surgical instruments.
If stuck, see doctor. If a bead is stuck in the nose, the child should see the doctor. The doctor may be able to grab the bead with a small forceps and get it out of the nose.
Try to remove gently. A bead up the nose is not a big deal; rarely if it stays for a while a bead could cause irritation, infection or make breathing hard to impossible on that side. If it has a hole through the middle you could try to spear it with a straightened paper clip but if you make her scream she might suck it in further, so if it's not easy to get out see her doc.