What psychiatric meds or natural supplements can be used to make an eccentric "asocial social-creature" more resilient to psychosocial stressors?

First you need a . Diagnosis from a psychiatrist. You will also probably need therapy with a psychotherapist. Your diagnosis will ultimately dictate your drug therapy. Best wishes.
Difficult to say. It's hard to know how to answer you specifically because an "asocial creature" is not a medical term per se. It may be that you're suffering from depression and/or anxiety. There are certainly many medical (and therapeutic) ways to address these problems. I would seek some help. If you want to learn more on your own, consider reading "feeling good" by dr. David burns, a good place to start.
Psychotherapy. I think in this condition, the best modality of treatment is psychotherapy with a good qualified psychologist! i would use meds as a second option. If you said you were bipolar or schizophrenic then i would say go straight to a psychiatrist, meds are the best answer. This is something that can be treated with biofeedback and other modalities of psychotherapy!