How come I get lower back pain after drinking alcohol?

Back pain and EtOH. Not any real association that I can think of. Only rare association is with certain lymphomas. That would be a stretch, and I don't think you need to worry. Otherwise, your "back" pain may actually be related to inflammation internally—abdominal contents/organs that may be the true source of symptoms. I think this is more likely.

Related Questions

Can I continue to be taking alcohol with a lower back pain nd itching on every area of my abdomen after drinking?

No. While many people use etoh to help relieve anxiety and/or pain- it is not a good idea to try to fix something you don't understand. In your case, I would see your doctor to get labs and check your health.

I had a colonoscopy a couple days ago, could I get kidney damage from drinking the prep? I have horrible lower back pain.

Pain. Kidney damage is not common after c-scopy prep. In patients with advanced kidney disease, pre-existing, a certain prep can cause some issues. Your lower back pain in unusual and you should contact the GI doc. Pain from the kidney is unusual for what you had done. You should seek care. Even when kidney function is affected pain is not a usual symptom.

Neck pain and shoulder pain after drinking. Lower back pain after standing or sitting for longer than 10mins. Inconsistent stool and bowel movements?

Get evaluated! At 18, these are unusual complaints. I am concerned that you have a significant nerve compression, especially with the low back pain with standing, and the bladder and bowel inconsistency. Please get this evaluated by a physician immediately.

I have lower back pain radiating through to my left side, it seems to ease if I drink lots of water.

Kidney stone? The first thing I think of is a kidney stone. Of course there can be other causes and your physician will help clarify what's happening.

Quit drinking cold turkey. Sweats one night, headache the next. Y is lower back pain a symptom. No more symptoms. Back only. Pain started on 2-3day?

Not a good idea.. .to stop alcohol cold turkey. You can have withdrawal symptoms-shaking, agitation and even seizure. See a doctor. There are meds to prevent withdrawal symptoms.