My friend has fibromyalgia. Is there a way anyone here can provide pain relief?

See specialist. We can provide information only. Studies support the benefits of exercise in reducing pain from fibromyalgia. Other non medication options include but not limited to stress reduction, meditation, acupuncture. There are currently three drugs that are fda approved for the management of fibromyalgia: Pregabalin (lyrica), duloxetine (cymbalta), and milnacipran (savella). Have friend talk to their md.
Yes and no. If you mean can someone here prescribe pain meds you're out of luck, but i can help guide you to the right practitioners. Fibromyalgia is a complex & poorly-understood disorder that many doctors know little about & treat inadequately. A good place to start is to read. Good books are figuring out fibromyalgia by ginevra liptan md & from fatigued to fantastic by jacob teitelbaum md. See my comments:.