What is a healthy weight range for a 6 ft 4 in male who is 22 years old?

152 to 204 pounds. Bmi is body mass index, which depends on a patient's weight and height. Normal bmi: 18.5-24.9 (weight 152 to 204 pounds for this patient) overweight bmi: 25-29.9 (weight 205 to 246 pounds for this patient) obesity bmi: >30 (weight greater than 246 pounmds for this patient).
165-195 lbs. For this height a weight of 152 lbs gives you a low normal body mass index (bmi) of 18.5 and at weight of 205 lbs gives you a high normal bmi of 25. You want to strive to be in the middle, not too low, not too high.