Is there a medication that chronic sciatic nerve suffers has to take ever day for the symptoms of sciatica?

There are several . Classes of medication that can be used alone if in combination including non steroidal anti inflammatories used with a protecting anti ulcer drug like prilosec, Neurontin or lyrica, Amitriptyline or nortriptyline, Cymbalta or even tylenol (acetaminophen).. You can discuss this with a pain management specialist who can help you to manage the medications in addition to instructing you on other recommendations .
Correct diagnosis . Make sure you see a spinal specialist first to ensure you know what is causing your symptoms. It is not uncommon to see patients that think they have "sciatica, " where there diagnosis is totally different. Treatment is only effective if you have the correct etiology of your symptoms identified.
Gabapentin. Most people will need to take somewhere between 600mg 3x/day to 900mg 3x/day to get relief with Neurontin (gabapentin).