Once I had my epidural after my son my back hurts really bad where the needle entered and below that what is a good way to get rid of my pain?

Should get better! Don't worry unless the pain is associated with fever, numbness or leg weakness--if any of those things are present, go to the emergency room. But back soreness after pregnancy and spinal or epidural anesthesia is best managed with a heating pad, perhaps a massage, and Ibuprofen or naproxen. Exercise with an emphasis on the core muscles will help, and stretching is great therapy. Feel better!
Discuss with MD. How long ago was your delivery? It is common to have some back pain in the first few days after an epidural due to musculoligamentous trauma from the needle. However not a clear association between epidural anesthesia and low back pain after some time. See your physician for a discussion, exam, and any appropriate testing that needs to be done for a proper diagnosis.
Non-steroidals. Back pain after an epidural is usually short term, and related to the passage of the needle through the tissues. If the pain is severe, or associated with other signs, such as fever, or numbness or tingling in the legs, or incontinence, it could be a sign of an infection in the epidural space, but this is a very rare complication. Usually Ibuprofen or similar drugs will help.