What can I do for insomnia? Sleep meds arent helping.

Insomnia. Sleep studies might be worth it. Find the cause and treat that.
Depends on problem. The answer depending on whether your problem is trouble falling asleep vs. Staying asleep vs sleeping at the correct time, etc. There are medical problems like sleep apnea that can affect your sleep and sleeping pills won't solve this. No matter what the cause, paying close attention to your sleep hygiene is always important and you can find loads of information on this topic on the web.
Insomnia. Melatonin or rozerom, do not drink soda, wine or coffe late and not within 3-4 hs from sleep. Check if you have raced mind or review with your pcp, if you have depression or bipolar symptoms. Don't read or watch tv in bed room. You can get night shower to help, also some herbs like valerine can help !