I wake up in the am. My sugar high then I taje my meds then its okay.?

Not ideal. The regimen for patients with diabetes should control blood sugars adequately, so that first am (fasting) bgs are in the normal range, ideally 80-120. The timing of meds around this reading is less important than the reading itself which, if high, indicates a likely need for modification to diet, exercise, meds, or all three.
See md. This is exactly what you would address at a visit with your pcp or endocrinologist- bc an answer that would truly benefit you requires knowing a lot more information about you than is possible in this online format.
Need more specifics. Is the medicine insulin/ are you just about to eat? Are going to exercise before you eat.? Are your sugars usually "high" when you arise or is that an exception? What is a 'high' sugar? Do you count carbohydrates? When do you next check your blood sugar? If on Insulin fasting sugars less than 100 can be too low. Tell us more tell us more.