What are the white spots inside my baby’s mouth?

Could be thrush. If your baby has thick, white spots on the inner cheek and the gum line, she may have a common condition called "thrush". Thrush is a type of yeast infection that may appear in the baby's mouth, sometimes in the diaper area (bright red, sometimes a bit scaly rash), and also possibly on mother's breast if the baby is nursing. Consult your doctor to confirm the diagnosis.
Could be thrush. Thrush is a very common but icky-sounding infection of the skin of the mouth and throat. It is caused by candida, the same yeast that leads to vaginal yeast infections, and can also lead to nipple infection and irritation with breastfeeding. If the white spots are on the tongue, lips, cheeks, and are not easily wiped off, have your doctor take a look- treatment is simple, but prescription only.
Thrush. Those white spots in your baby's mouth can be thrush. This is an infection with a fungus called candida that is common in babies. It causes white plaques on the tongue and mouth that can occasionally bleed. An oral anti-fungal medicine can help eliminate the infection, especially if it makes it uncomfortable for your baby to feed.