I get my period for 3 days is that normal?

Depends. Some women can have their periods for this length of time. It depends on a number of factors. For example, if you are currently on birth control and the type, your body weight, and what is normal for you. So, it is important to know if this is your normal or not. Physicians worry when there is a change in your normal routine, not necessarily the absolute length of your periods.

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I am on microgestin birth control pills and I only get my period for 3 days is that normal. I used to go for 5 days when I wasnt on b/c.?

Yes. It is for you. The hormones in the BCPs override the effects of your own body's produced hormones and so keep you from getting pregnant. They may change your "timing" slightly but as long as you take them scrupulously without fail then you will avoid pregnancy with over 99% success rate. It is believed that the small failure rate is probably due to skipping pill. It does NOT stop STDs. Read more...