What are the symptoms of a gelatin allergy?

Rash/breathing diff. Immediate (minutes) and delayed reactions can arise from gelatin allergy. Immediate: hives, respiratory difficulty, throat swelling and low blood pressure. Delayed: a rash that appears 1-2 days after the exposure. Gelatin is found if food and meds/vaccines. Some people react only to food gelatin, others only to pharmaceutical. Kosher gelatin is made out of fish - no crossreact. To reg. Gelatin.
Same as any other... The rashes would not be any different from any other food allergy (eczema or hives), but since gelatin is simply an extract of boiled low-quality beef, the child would probably be allergic to all beef-containing foods if she were allergic to gelatin.

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I'm curious. What symptoms go along with gelatin allergy?

Hives and others. Reactions to gelatin resemble those of other food allergens and may include hives, itching or swelling in the mouth, vomiting or breathing difficulties. Skin testing or blood testing can confirm this. Some cases of reactions to vaccines can be due to porcine gelatin. Read more...