My heart keeps jumping feels like its gonna come out of my chest. This happens now and again. And makes me really hot and sweaty. Is this right?

Not right at all. These symptoms are not right at all. It suggests a rapid irregular heart beat called a cardiac arrythmia. The sensation of feeling hot/sweaty also suggests a rare condition caused by the body producing too much adrenaline. See your doctor for further evaluation. If an attack occurs and persists, you should be taken to the emergency ward at once.
Palpitations. Irregular heart beats are not uncomman. They may be due to stress, stimulants, drugs. A cariologist or and fp may reccomend a monitor to "catch" those irregular beats and advise if they need treatment.
Dysrythmias. If your getting palpitations, and your not using drugs, stimulants, or diet bills, see you family dr or cardiologist for a heart monitor and he can tell you just what your experiencing, .