Can footballers recover from a knee ligament injury?

Yes, like everyone. Else. A lot depends on a number of factors: like which specific ligament, or the severity of the injury, any past injury to the specific ligament which has been reinjured, general health condition, the timing of the diagnosis and treatment start, any associated injuries, etc. Are you interested in specific ligament's injury?

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Please tell me how long it takes for to recover from a knee ligament injury?

Recovery time varies. Sprains & strains are graded based on the # of fibers w/in the structure that are stretched/ torn. This is by no means an exact # of fibers, but a grade 1 = fiber stretch, grade 2 = partial/ moderate disruption, & grade 3 = complete disruption. Symptoms of each are very similar but severity varies. Rice is the beginning treatment regardless of grade. Severe inj often need pt, sometime surgery. Read more...