We travel a lot with our baby; how can we prevent her from getting sick?

Wash hands/immunize. Most illness are spread from person to person. Avoiding ill persons is not always possible when traveling. Washing your hands frequently, immunizing both yourself and your infant will provide the maximum amount of protection. If you are traveling overseas, check with your travel medicine specialist to see if you need additional vaccines or a different immunization schedule.
Wash hands. The most common contagious illnesses in early childhood are transmitted by hands or respiratory secretions, so washing hands frequently and avoiding close personal contact as much as reasonable. Remember many viral illnesses are transmittable from others before they even know that they are ill.
Hand washing. Washing hands, washing hands, and washing hands....This may sound very simple but it's the most effective way to prevent illnesses when you travel. Have a few travel size bottle of hand sanitizers and use it generously on your hand and your toddler or babies' hand.