I am a male age 65, and recently when I urinate I have blood and blood clots in my urine. What could this be?

Concerning. Blood and blood clots could be due to infection and stones in the urinary tract. But it could also be due to cancer of the bladder or kidney. Please make sure to see a doctor for this.
Bloody urine. Many causes but very important to see a urologist to rule out cancer. Don't delay...Very important.
As above. This can be serious make sure u see a urologist for evaluation and assesment.
See your doctor. Possibilities include bladder infection, prostate enlargement, even cancer. Please see your local doctor asap and have it checked out.

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Blood clots urine this am; sm amt blood now +clots gone; no pain/symptoms; no meds; good health; HEAVY lifting recently; rigorous sexlife; no insuranc?

Hematuria. Blood in your urine is always a serious sign. Please get examined and have a urine analysis and culture. Avoid any/all heavy exertion and flush your kidneys with 8-10 glasses of water daily. You must be seen and evaluated.