How long will my husbands laparoscopic double hernia surgery take? Approx.

About an hour. On average a double hernia should take about an hour. However, many things could prolong that time and the person who will know best is your husband's surgeon.
An hour or less. Under normal circumstances, this operation will take less than an hour 90% of the time. Of course, the best person to ask is your husband's surgeon, who should be available to speak with you before surgery.

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I had bilateral inguinal hernia surgery two days ago. Laparoscopic. It went well. How long before I can travel?

Ask your surgeon. I would ask your surgeon. Depends if you mean driving vs flying and how far you are going.
How do you feel? Advantage of laparoscopic surgery is less pain and early ambulation. Now you can use that advantage, the real person who will decide allow you to travel is your surgeon.
If you mean. Air travel, you should wait until abdominal distention resolves. Probably about one week. Ask your surgeon just to be sure.

"2 weeks post laparoscopic double inguinal hernia surgery and still swollen and sore"?

Wait will get better. Wait couple of wks you will get better, is just healing process, make sure to go for follow up visit and speak to your surgeon.
Not abnormal. Local swelling and tenderness, including testicular swelling, may last for 4-6 weeks after this procedure. You should take it easy, refrain from straining until cleared by your surgeon. As long as there is no overlying redness, no fever, you can wait until your follow up appointment with your surgeon. If in doubt, call.