I have sensitivity to certain sounds (fans, refrigerators, watter running, etc) and tinnitus from firecracker for 11 years. What can I do to heal?

Get it checked. Having an audiology evaluation to determine the functional status of your ears and see whether you need to see an ENT doctor. Ear protection may help. Do you have allergies, chronic eustachian tube dysfunction can contribute. Also osteopathic treatment of neck, face and head has been able to help many people with such is. Cranialacademy.Com has a doctor finder to help you find one near you.
Tough to heal. Not sure how many doctors you have seen for your issues, but 11 years is unfortunate. Possibly consider a tmj/tmd specialist if you have exhausted other options. Also, a natural herb, ginkgo, has been linked to helping with tinnitus.