Should I get a flu shot if i’m pregnant?

Yes. Absolutely! The flu shot will protect you from serious complications such as pneumonia and preterm labor. It will also protect your baby until he is 6 months old. This is perfect because babies can't get the vaccine prior to 6 months of life. Make sure your family members get vaccinated as well.
Yes. Pregnant women should get the flu shot (but not the nasal spray vaccine). Pregnant women are more likely to get severe flu disease, compared to women who are not pregnant.
Yes. Yes. Pregnant women are one of the groups that should definitely get the flu shot.
Yes. Yes, all pregnant women are recommended to receive flu vaccine. It does not matter how early or late in pregnancy flu season occurs. The only exceptions would be those who are allergic to the vaccine or its components, currently has a febrile illness, has an impairment of the immune system, or a history of guillain-barre syndrome.
Yes. In fact, pregnant women are recommended to get flu vaccination if they are pregnant during the flu season. This is a safe, well tolerated vaccine. The only reason not to get this vaccine is if you have a severe allergy to eggs or you've had a severe reaction to a previous flu vaccination.
Yes. Yes. It extremely safe, it could save your life or your baby's life. The centers for disease control and prevention (cdc), the american congress of obstetricians and gynecologists (acog), the american college of nurse-midwives, the american academy of pediatrics, and many other organizations all strongly recommend a flu shot for pregnant women.
Yes. A flu shot is recommended during pregnancy. Get the one that is preservative-free.
Yes. The american college of obstetrics and gynecology recommends all women who are pregnant to get the flu vaccine.
Yes. The flu is one of the most common infections. In pregnancy, you are more likely to get the flu and more likely to get a more severe form of the flu. The flu vaccine will make you feel a bit tired for a day while your body makes an immune response. That is what protects you from getting the flu. Unfortunately, it won't protect you from all the colds that are out there too.

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I'm 20 weeks pregnant, can or should I get a flu shot?

Yes. This has been studied in great detail & found safe for you both. Some practitioners avoid doing so the first 12 wks out of extra caution but there is no reason for you to delay. Flu can be hard on you both. We lost a couple of mom's 2 years ago & the staff of both hospitals were surprised & heartbroken.

I am 19 weeks pregnant. Should I get a flu shot? Walgreens says they have preservative-free shot available. Should I get one from there?

Sounds fine. Doctors recommend that pregnant women get the flu shot to help prevent the seasonal flu. The shot can be given at anytime during pregnancy (any trimester is ok).

Should pregnant women get a flu shot?

Yes. If it's flu season, get the vaccine. Being pregnant increases the risk of getting the flu and increases complications due to influenza. This is a centers for disease control (cdc) recommendation.
Indeed. The standard influenza vaccine which is not live, attenuated should be given to pregnant women during the vaccination season because influenza can be particularly serious during pregnancy.
Definitely yes. Every pregnant woman should be offered the influenza vaccination during pregnancy because of the increased morbidity of pregnant women who are infected with the influenza virus. The vaccine is only a single injection. Schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Is it safe to get a flu shot while pregnant?

Safe and recommended. The CDC recommends that all pregnant women receive the annual flu vaccine injection. Morbidity and mortality are much higher for a pregnant woman who contracts the flu. Death rates are about 20 times higher for pregnant women compared to nonpregnant women.
Yes. This has been studied in detail over the years and is quite safe for you and baby. Some practitioners like to avoid the first trimester out of caution but studies show it is fin at any stage.
Absolutely! And highly encouraged! Unvaccinated women had a 25% higher risk of fetal death in a large norwegian study published in nejm (one of our most respected medical journals). http://www. Nytimes. Com/2013/01/16/health/study-confirms-benefits-of-flu-vaccine-for-pregnant-women. Html.

Is it safe for a pregnant women to get a flu shot?

Absolutely. In fact everyone recommends including acog and the cdc that pregnant women get flu shots.
Definitely! The vaccine will not ham your unbor child. However if you get the flue, you can becaome dehydrated or develope pneumonia which can indeed harm the baby.

I am 26 weeks pregnant with a 100.1 degree temp, at what temp should I be concerned? I have cold, maybe flu like symptoms, did get a flu shot in Oct.

Sounds like. You may have your OB-GYN and make sure he/shew is comfortable with the use of Tamaflu (Your FLU shot is not 100% effective this year with some strains!! You better give your Doctor a "heads up" PS The Baby will be fine as long as you are!