Should I call the doctor if my baby has a runny nose and is wheezing?

Yes. Wheezing can indicate airway obstruction that may need treatment. Any wheezing should be evaluated by your baby's doctor promplty. Your pediatrician may prescribe a bronchodilator medication such as albuterol to help with this or steroids if the wheezing is severe.
Yes. Parents should contact the doctor if their child is wheezing. Wheezing is a noise a person makes when exhaling (breathing out). The noise is due to obstruction to the air flowing out of the lungs, so wheezing can be a serious problem. If a child looks very ill, such as with trouble breathing in or out, parents should call 911 for an ambulance first, and call the doctor afterwards.
Yes. You do not need to call your doctor for an uncomplicated runny nose but if there is wheezing the baby may be developing bronchiolitis or reactive airway disease which can result in difficulty breathing.
Yes. If you see that your baby is having difficulty breathing such as gasping for air wheezing or pulling chest muscles you need to contact your physician for further advice.

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