Should I avoid having my baby immunized because he might be allergic to gelatin?

No. Vaccines are the best public health strategy we have to protect everyone from infectious disease, especially infants. That being said, there have been gelatin allergies reported to the mmr, influenza, and japanese encephalitis vaccines, none of which are offered to infants. (infants are less than 12 months old) if you are worried about a gelatin allergy, a visit to the allergist is important.
No. Children with severe allergies to jello/gelatin should avoid vaccines containing gelatin, or perhaps get the vaccines after an evaluation by an allergist. Some vaccines do not have gelatin, so gelatin-allergic children can still get those vaccines without worry of a gelatin reaction. A child who "might" have an allergy to gelatin can ask the doctor to test him for gelatin allergy.
No. The risks of vaccine preventable illnesses are quite real and very high, be careful in taking such a huge risk with your baby's life.
No. There is no evidence or experience that these babies have any serious reactions to any of the vaccines. The risk of serious complicaions if one gets these diseases is immensely greater.
No. Mmr, varicella (chicken-pox), influenza and dtap may contain gelatin. Other immunizations are still safe. Depending on the severity of the previous reaction & the severity of the gelatin allergy, even those containing gelatin can be given after evaluation including skin testing to the vaccine and if positive administering the immunizations in a graded schedule increasing doses over several shots.
No. Definitely not! i would like to know the age of the baby, but the risk of serious poor outcome from a gelatin allergy pales in comparison to the risk of death of your baby from pertussis, Hib meningitis, measles encephalitis, pneumococcal sepsis, etc. We are in the midst of a serious pertussis outbreak in california as we speak. As vaccination rates drop, disease returns! more here! http://bit.Ly/6dlmsa.