My home was built before 1950. Could my baby be exposed to lead?

Yes. Houses built before 1970 may contain lead based paint. Paints now do not contain lead and many of these old houses have now been repainted, however the lead underneath still may pose a risk to children. There are kits you can buy to test the paint on your walls for lead exposure. Test any paint chips you see or parts of the pain flaking off as these are what babies may put in their mouths.
Yes. It's a good idea to have your baby screened for lead. Your pediatrician may recommend it within the first few years of life. A simple blood test can be done to provide reassurance.
Yes. Lead is a naturally occurring element, and was used in homes for generations before the most recent 30 years. So, children growing up in older homes will likely have more lead exposure than kids living in new homes will have. A blood lead test is routinely done at age 1 year and 5 years, in communities with elevated lead exposures.
Yes. Yes, houses built before the 1970s are a potential source of lead in a child's environment.. There are other, less obvious sources too. Your baby's doctor should be screening your baby for lead exposure around one year of life. If you suspect exposure before that, or have quesions, please ask your baby's doctor.