My baby keeps throwing up; what can I do to help?

Buy more bibs! Seriously, most babies spit up! while some babies are worse than others, as long as she is growing normally, seems satisfied despite the throwing up, and has no other confounding problems such as prematurity or abnormal development, then this can usually be safely tolerated. The most common cause for throwing up seen in my pediatric practice is overfeeding. So, talk to your md--and buy more bibs!
Reflux precautions. It could be mild reflux. Try burping him frequently during feedings to remove the extra gas from the stomach. Also, keeping your baby positioned upright for about 20 minutes after feedings will help milk move from the stomach into the intestines, at which time, it is less likely to reflux back up into his mouth. If possible, elevating your baby during sleep time may help as well.