My fiance has very rough crusty feet, he says it burn when I put lotion on it and its so dry it started to bleed really bad. What can we do?

Foot Probs. 1st is to see a good dermatologist. For the short term try amlactin cream to the feet 2-3x daily, no pumice stones, plain vaseline to soften and for skin cracks, reserving polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) ointment only for skin that appears infected. Hope this is a start.
Treat. With an anti- fungal cream. I also suggest you see a podiatrist or dermatologist.
See a doctor. This might be due to a medical condition such such as psoriasis or be a severe fungal infection. It might also represent some other skin disorder. Broken skin is painful, and there is risk of infection. See a podiatrist or dermatologist for an appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
You may . Try to first apply a topical anesthetic cream or jelly like Lidocaine and then apply a moisturizer. I do think the type of skin you describe is "not the norm" and should be looked at to make sure all it is is dry rough skin. If the fissure continues to bleed and does not respond to the moisturizer it may have to be biopsied.