Why do women with multiple sclerosis become anorgssmic?

Nerve path effects. Orgasm is complex, like digestion, urinating, defecating. However, all these are unconscious activities, controlled by the parasympathetic nervous (nn) system. An orgasm also include the conscious (sympathetic) nn system, both brain (central) and spine (peripheral) nn system. And the mind & consciousness. Orgasm is not often part of ms; even if is, may reverse with effective MS therapy: neurologist.
Anatomy. This is a little unique if the woman lacks urinary tract symptoms such as incontinence. However, if the nerves involving bowel/bladder functions, and sexual functions are impaired due to spinal cord lesions, this would explain the problems on an anatomic basis. Would feel it best to make certain that no additional problem exists, such as occult urinary infection, or cauda equine issue.