I'm a 26 year old male...How can I raise my fertility level, and how can she raise hers? She is 30.

Additional Advice. I agree with dr. Opsahl, one additonal thing to add to the list, decrease caffeine intake. Several studies have suggested those that consume caffiene take longer to get pregnant and that it increases risk of miscarriage. If you have been trying for over a year, consider seeing an ob/gyn or fertiltiy doctor for some testing to make sure everything is ok.
Improve fertility. Much of your fertility is genetically determined and out of our control which is why infertility is so frustrating. Nevertheless, you can do some things. Be healthy, do not smoke, drink excess alcohol, do extreme sports, use too many saunas-hot tubs-hot baths, and recreational drugs. Be mindful of some prescription medications. Track ovulation and time sex for efficiency. Best wishes.