How do I know if I have a hydrocele?

Ultrasound. You will need to see your doctor to be examined, and then have an ultrasound to verify it. If you have a change in your testicle, a lump or pain, swelling or redness, definitely you should see your doctor.
See your MD. A hydrocele is typically a painless scrotal enlargement surrounding the testis and often making it difficult to feel the testis itself. It is diagnosed with certainty by ultrasound. Transillumination (by seeing it "glow" when a light is pushed against the skin) is helpful but cannot rule out other concerns.
Scrotal swelling. Usually painless confirmed by scrotal ultrasound. Should transilluminate, in which case it will permit light to shine through because hydrocele fluid is clear. This is not 100% reliable because secondary hydrocele can be present with a testicular tumor. Also can be present with testis torsion or epididymitis, but these conditions are associated with pain.

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How do I know if I have epididymis or hydrocele?

May be... Most of hydrocele is so-called idiopathic, but can be epididymitis-related, called, reactive hydrocele. But, analyzing the hx of quality, quantity, and sequence of event related with the hydrocele plus physicals and possible us, will be able to the details. So, see doc timely. Read more...

Hi Doctors. How do I know if I have a hernia or hydrocele?

Diagnosing a Hernia. Usually a physical exam by a physician is all you need to diagnose a hernia. If there is any question then an ultrasound or CT Scan can be done to differentiate between a hernia or hydrocele. Read more...