What herbal supplement do you recommend for pre menopause?

Peri menopause. I suggest usually flaxeed and flaxseed oil. It can help with the breast tenderness and hot flashed. Also, other available options include black cohosh and red clover. They are used mostly for menopause but can be started in peri menopause.
They don't work. None of these supplements have been shown to have any benefits for premenopausal - or perimenopausal or postmenopausal - women. Many have been studied but the promises of the people who want your money for these things turn out to be unsubstantiated.

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Could you know a good herbal supplement as replacement for hormone pills in post-menopausal women?

Post menopause. How long have you been in menopause? Have you had a clinic visit with a gynecologist? Herbal supplement may be the main ingredient in hormone pills after careful evaluation and clinical trials. I would not be surprised if the herbal supplement itself was more expensive than the pills. Please let me know what supplement you are taking.
See below. Could you know a good herbal supplement as replacement for hormone pills in post-menopausal women? Herbal supplements can be helpful but as opposed to taking a hormonal pill I would suggest you look into natural hormone therapy and use Bioidentical creams to bring your hormones into balance. In general they will be significantly more effective especially if you first identify what hormones you're deficient in by doing saliva testing. Saliva testing is going to be more accurate than blood testing because it measures the free hormone as opposed to hormone bound to protein. The balance between multiple hormones is what's important to relieve the symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. Thanks for the great question. If you would like to further discuss some of your specific issues you can reach me in the concierge service.

What are some herbal supplements for premenopausal symptoms?

Vitex, Dong quai &. Many herbs are beneficial for menopause. Among my favorites are vitex agnus castus (chaste tree berries), dong quai, black cohosh, maca and pueraria mirifica. For more info see http://www. Holistic-online. Com/remedies/hrt/hrt_herbs_for_menopause. Htm and http://www. Drweil. Com/drw/u/art00700/menopause-symptoms.