Having a history of fatty liver disease, should I still consume a glass or half of red wine a day for cardio-protective effects?

May be not. Fatty liver is usually caused by high storage of triglycerides -- and this is caused by too much calorie intakes from perhaps diet or alcohol and usually the liver enzymes is mildly elevated. So, i don't think i would advise you to drink wine for cardioprotective at this time, instead i would advise you to take up exercise and healthy diet and weight management --.
No. No the benefits are not enough to justify the risks to your liver.

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Is a glass of red wine daily good or bad for a fatty liver of 43yr old male, heard that it might help with this condition, or just weight loss?

Probably good! Further research is needed, but a study showed that those who have 1 glass of red wine a day had half the chance of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as non-drinkers, while those who drank beer or liquor had 4 times the risk. See http://ucsdnews.Ucsd.Edu/newsrel/health/05-08wineliverhealth.Asp however, this doesn't prove red wine helps those who already have it, but that seems likely. Read more...

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Told to eat high fat, low carb? And what are the #s of (low carb)

60 grams QD or so. No sugar, keep carbs to about 20 per meal. This is the equvialent of a slice of bread or an apple, 1/2 cup of rice, 1/2 cup spaghetti per meal fatty liver is caused to a large degree by the production in the liver of triglycerides in the process of storing sugars. Fructose is the worst of the sugars because it cannot be directly burned in the krebs cycle must first be stored as trig by liver. Read more...