Can men contact yeast infections from a women and if so what arw the symptoms?

Possible. If the male is circumcised, it would be difficult to contract a yeast infection since the environment for such is so altered as to not allow it. It would be a rare ocurrence and special situation for this. However, if uncircumcised, there is the right mileu for this with the foreskin covering the glans, being moist, warm and dark so it can happen. Usually it will not with normal hygiene.
Conceivable. You can get a candidal eruption over an area of your genitals that may have had a minor abrasion, but it is more likely that men simply colonize the surface of the skin of their penis without symptoms. They may then transmit it back to their sexual partners. I would imagine that oral sex with a woman with yeast infection might lead to thrush - but have never seen this happen.