My baby is wheezing a bit with his bad head cold. Hes on meds now. Do I still need to give him breathing treatments? He hasnt been wheezing unil now.

Age? why on nebs? Your ? Raises ?. Breathing rx is one good way to moisten the airways of a congested/wheezing kid which helps them get mucous up. If baby is playful with resp rates 40's to 50 & taking fluids well, this is probably not much of a change and nebs help some. If the rr>55, baby iis working to breathe & feeds are falling off it is time to discuss the change with your dr.
Yes. Sometimes a bad cold can progress to bronchiolitis. Speak to your doctor to see if albuterol nebuluzer treatments are appropriate. Some studies are showing that they may make the illness worse. I do prescribe albuterol for wheezing but if your baby is not getting better he should be seen by his doctor.
Need more info. Has baby seen a doctor for this illness? Used a nebulizer in the past? If so, a treatment may be indicated. Baby's age is also important in determining what can be handled at home and what requires an exam. Other worrisome signs: young age, breathing difficulty, decreased feeding, fever, grunting, retractions, lethargy, irritability. I'd feel best if you spoke with your doctor re: specifics.