If my baby ran a fever after her first dtap vaccination, should I skip the next one?

Not usually. Fever is the body's response to an illness, leading to activation of the immune system. Vaccinations are designed to teach the immune system how to fight off specific infections. This activation of the immune system can lead to a mild elevation of the temperature and is a normal reaction. Please let your doctor know if the fever is excessive, the child acts unusual, or you have other concerns.
No. Discuss any previous vaccine reactions with your baby's doctor. Most reactions, including fever, are not a reason to skip vaccines. They can be managed easily and cause no lasting harm to your child. All babies need to be properly vaccinated against life threatening illnesses such as tetanus, pertussis and diphtheria.
No. (not necessarily). A fever after dtap is not uncommon and in itself is not an absolute reason to skip this vaccination the next time. However, a very high fever may be. Be sure to discuss this decision with your baby's pediatrician.
You DO NOT. Skip the next dtap shot just because your baby had a fever! fever is very common with shots.May be low grade to as high as 104-105. If with other signs and symptoms , you need to discuss with your pediatrician, so an alternate form of dtap will be given instead. Benefits of vaccines far outweighs the risks! they do protect us from all these fatal diseases.
No. Though it's not very common, infants can get fevers after their vaccination. Vaccinations work by stimulating the immune system and it's the immune response that can occasionally cause a fever. There are very few reasons, other than significant allergic reactions, to delay the next dose in a series. This is from the cdc: http://www.Cdc.Gov/vaccines/recs/vac-admin/contraindications-vacc.Htm.