Can I b treated with accupincture on the first visit? Its been suggested I seek this treatment for chronic pain/migraines?

May need multiple Tx. Acupuncture has been successful at treating chronic pain and migraines for many people, but chronic conditions usually require extended treatment plans, and it is more likely that you will need multiple treatments. It is worth trying and wise to see someone with good experience & training & recommended by others as the type of treatment can vary greatly among different providers.
Yes, but need more. Most accupuncturists will treat you on the first visit. Long lasting relief will only be obtained with multiple vistis over a few weeks or months.
Acupuncture. Each acupuncturist is different. I try to do a thorough medical evaluation prior to the first visit (incorporates both western & eastern medicine). It is quite comprehensive. When evaluating a patient who is complex & has many medical issues, there may not be time to do a treatment on the first session. However, in simpler cases there often is time for both eval & first treatment.