How can I get rid of my one year olds snotty nose and congestion?

Keep it simple. I would try using a cool mist humidifier in the bedroom and use Normal Saline nasal drops as needed and suction the nose gently with a bulb syringe .Use the bulb syringe only if absolutely necessary otherwise vigorous suctioning can irritate the nasal mucosa and cause more congestion. If this does't help and the child is having difficulty breathing , sleeping or feeding i would then try medication.
Allergies? Sounds like you might be suffering from allergies. You may want to try zyrtec/claritin to see if that helps your symptoms. Your doctor can offer you other medications to better control your symptoms if it is allergies.

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Sir I need to get some advice regarding head heaviness.... How to get rid of it. I have chronic rhinitis but no nasal discharge. Just congestion and h?

Possible sinusitis. You may have a sinus infection. Patients with chronic rhinitis and allergies can develop congestion which lead to blockage of the sinus openings in the nose. This can lead to fluid build up in the sinuses, pressure, headache and possible infection. You should see your physician for evaluation. Best wishes. Read more...