How can cataract be removed if it occurs at the age of 22?

Conventional . Provided that your cataract isn't the result of an injury, a cararact is usually removed by phacoemulsification and an intraocular lens, that has been premeasured, is inserted after the cataract is removed. .
Cataract removal. New intraocular implants (IOL) & advanced technology now exist for Cataract Surgery. IOLs: multifocal lens, accommodating lens, toric for astigmatism; CS: can be done with LASER: femtosecond laser or tradition Clear cornea (with blade), Scleral tunnel, Extracap (rarely used); ORA: intraoperative aberrometry also used to help get best IOL implanted. More info: [email protected]
Same as old age. Cataracts can be removed in the same way as we do at old age. Just like a glass lens, the eye lens is a transparent tissue once it becomes opaque we call it cataract. The biological lens can be removed and replaced with artificial lens very easily. The most important part in the treatment of early cataract is it etiology(what caused it) to avoid and rule out associated conditions.
Routine for adults. Cataracts can incur in an infant all the way up to an adult. A cataract in a 22-year-old would be taken out routinely as is done for adults. After the cataract is removed an intraocular lens will be placed inside the eye for improved vision. .
Well practiced way. A cataract is a change in the lens light transmission which limits clarity of the vision. It can be removed whenever it getrs to the point of blocking the vision at any age. At age 22, it would be done in the standard fashion with local anesthesia, ultrasonic removal of the cataract and replacement with a synthetic lens which may have some accomodative powers as well.
Cataract surgery! Same as any other cataract at other ages. A small incision, go inside the eye and remove the cloudy lens. Then typically an artificial lens will be placed to replace the cloudy one removed.
Cataract surgery. Can be performed in patients of any age. While it's much less common to have a significant cataract at age 22, it can still be performed with our standard techniques with an excellent success rate.
Same as routine. Cataract surgery at 20 would be done similarly using ultrasound, though at that age, the cataract may be very soft and require very low energy -- which is good. Implants with multifocal optics may be considered to help distance and near vision post-operatively.