How do I get pregnant at 42?

See Fertilty Doc. At 42, your window of fertility is closing, i would suggest seeing a fertlity specialist for testing to determine if there are any issues. Evaluation should include assessment of your ovaries, your partner's sperm and to make sure your fallopian tubes are open. Some women will continue to have fertlity either naturally or assisted with meds in their early 40's, others require donor egg.
Ferility at 42. Get started now because fertility at age 42 is about 10% of fertility at 30! see a fertility expert early to get tested for fertility potential (imperfect but very helpful). Stay healthy, stop bad habits like smoking, track ovulation and time sex, don't wait more than 6 months to see doc. You may need to consider aggressive treatment to succeed before you cannot. Best wishes.
Other options. At age 42, the chance of spontaneous pregnancy is about 1-2% per month. Over 50% of pregnancies may result in miscarriage. With ivf success rates will be less than 10% per started cycle and many women will lack sufficient ovarian reserve to move forward. Many women find that oocyte donation is a more cost effective option. Visit a fellowship trained rei md asap to learn about all your options.
Same way as 22. Although it may take more attempts to get pregnant as we age, it's still likely to occur if you're fertile. If you have unprotected sex regularly and still don't conceive think about seeing a fertility specialist after about 6 months.
Natural Cycle IVF. I believe that natural cycle ivf or minimal stimulation ivf are the best options for women over 40 and desire to conceive. Please schedule a free phone consultation with me at 949-788-1133. I would be glad to help you. Dr. Frank, life ivf center.
IVF is a good option. Getting pregnant at 42 is tough, and usually ivf is the best alternative. Being aggressive is probably the best approach.