Symptoms of dengue fever n malaria? Mother went to french polynesia w/out vaccination thought she was going direct to hawaii

Dengue/ Malaria. Symptoms of dengue can include a high fever; joint, muscle or bony pain; severe headache &/or eye pain; drowsiness, fatigue, agitation, rash & signs of bleeding like bruising easily, bloody nose or gums, or red petechiae on skin. Symptoms of malaria include repeated bouts of symptoms such as fever, marked sweating, chills with shaking, headache, diarrhea and vomiting.
Periodic. The main differentiating factor between the two is the fixed periodicity of fever in malaria ( fever comes with chills ever 24 hrs or 48 hrs or 72 hrs). Whereas dengue gives fever diarrhea, headache, gastroenteritis kind of picture and a patechial rash.