How to burn belly fat after a c section.?

Diet + exercise. Reducing belly fat, with or without c section, or fat any where in the body requires a long term commitment to caloric restriction and exercise. There is no magic potion to correct it quickly and easily.
A general aerobic. Unfortunately it is not possible to create regional fat loss by any method. Best bet is nutritional weight loss diet with aerobic exercise 30-60 min 3-5 days/wk. Stay away from the crunches for now concentrate on general wt loss.

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Can Garcinia cambogia be used to burn belly fat after a C section by a nursing mum?

There . Is no real good scientific data just good media and sales material on this product that it is of any real value is weight loss. Read more...

Best way to burn belly fat and tighten muscles from triplets, bedrest and a c-section?

Yoga is great. First, congrats! wow, what a change in your life and your body. Just about anything will help you get in shape. I particularly like yoga to get back in shape. Many of the positions strengthen the core and it is gentle enough to prevent you from injuring yourself with the sudden onset of exercise after so many months. Good luck! Read more...