Can u get a rash from strep throat?

Yes. There are rashes associated with strep throats , from the streptgroat italy before antibiotics are started and as a pisibkedrug reaction after the strep throat s treated. Talk to your doctor.
Yes, a couple. A percentage of strep A germs have an additional piece of DNA that triggers production of a toxin that can cause a red rash that feels like sandpaper & become so intense it will peal like a sunburn. It was one reason the strep syndrome is sometimes called scarlet fever. Some people will also have hives occasionally.

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My 1daughter has strep throat and a horrible rash from it. My other daughter is pg and they are all home. What are the chances that pg one will get it?

Small. Adults are less likely to contract strep. If your pg daughter gets a fever or esore throat, she should se her md. Read more...
Scarlet fever? Need to know how strep throat was diagnosed. If this was presumptive and without either a rapid strep screen or culture, would be suspicious of the cause of the rask. Your pregnant daughter should stay away from anybody with infection. Yes, strep is communicable. Read more...